Sustainable Fashion Awards return to the Teatro alla Scala in Milan


The Sustainable Fashion Awards, the Oscars of sustainable fashion assigned by the Italian Chamber of Fashion, will return to the Teatro alla Scala in Milan on 25 September.

The September appointment, which will take place at the end of Milan Fashion Week, marks the entry of new partners such as the United Nations Ethical Fashion Initiative, which together with the Chamber of Fashion, will study a preliminary due diligence framework to measure sustainability of the sector and award prizes.

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For the first time, an advisory committee made up of non-profit organizations will carry out an initial selection of candidates which will then be screened by an international jury chaired by Ellen MacArthur, founder of the homonymous foundation, who will award the 12 prizes.

Compared to the past, in addition to the change of partners, from Livia Firth’s EcoAge to the United Nations, there is also a transition from the more purely environmental ‘green’ to a concept of total sustainability, which also embraces human rights and inclusion.

According to the United Nations Environment Program, the fashion industry is responsible for 10% of global greenhouse gas emissions, consumes 93 billion cubic meters of water and every year throws the equivalent of 50 into the oceans. billions of microplastic plastic bottles.

The world of fashion must undertake a great deal of work that can be an example for all sectors so that climate change, the loss of biodiversity and pollution become a truly common goal.

Il terzo paradiso catania

The symbol of the event is Michelangelo Pistoletto’s Third Paradise which since 2012 has represented Camera Moda’s green commitment with the drafting of the Sustainability Manifesto for Italian fashion, on the initiative of Anna Zegna and Carlo Capasa.

The prize, which will be awarded every year, will take stock of a work of monitoring, information, comparison, a point of reference and stimulus not only for the fashion system but for all those that must become daily good practices.

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