Moonswatch Mania, affordable luxury


There is now talk of ‘Moonswatch mania’ by observing the performance of the Swiss company Swatch on the Zurich Stock Exchange and the queues for the new piece launched on the market.

The watch is the result of his collaboration with Omega and has turned into an example of affordable luxury (its price is 260 euros) that has attracted numerous customers in different countries, with long lines and crowds in front of the shops.

The welcome received by the new timepiece made Swatch’s title jump by 3-4% at the opening, and again today it is +4.45%.

Customers crowded in front of the Turin, Rome, Florence, Naples and of course Milan. From Corso Vittorio Emanuele to Piazza Gae Aulenti passing through Corso Buenos Aires, up to the Arese shopping center, the queues began to peep from the morning of the launch, March 26, and even online the accessory was sold out in a few hours.

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