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We are in Montenegro.

From here you can see the island of Mamula, right at the entrance to the mouths of Cattaro, in the Adriatic Sea.

Let’s go back in time and move back to 1853, when the Austrian general Lazar Mamula had a fortress built on the island, whose original name was Lastavica.

This very imposing and inaccessible structure was chosen by the Nazis to create a concentration camp, starting in 1941.

Today the island and the fortress of Mamula are a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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The new, amazing, luxury hotel

The news is really recent: at the end of June this year, in fact, the incredible structure with such a complex history became a luxury hotel.

The project is signed by weStudio, a Berlin company.

The approach described by the designers to create the interiors of this incredible structure is “holistic”.

Each environment has been designed and built to offer guests an immersive experience: from fabrics to materials, every tactile or visual sensation brings to an almost rarefied atmosphere and in line with the characteristics of the territory.

The furniture is inspired by the suggestions of the local craftsman: ceramics and carved wood could not be missing.

Natural stone, aged brass, oak and organic fabrics.

They are the essence of every environment, to respect the true character of the island without giving up the contrast with the most modern design solutions and some inserts of contemporary art.

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The architecture of the sustainable luxury hotel on the island of Mamula hinges on a particular architectural element: it is the arch.

An element that refers to space-time passages, which returns constant in every environment, to create a real immersive experience in which guests can immerse themselves and enhance each object with the awareness of the wonderful aging of each element, respecting the cycles and of the times of nature.

In short, a stay at the hotel on the island of Mamula is not just a holiday, it is a journey through time, design and history.

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