Hyundai, Lineapelle and the new sustainable seat


It’s called Hyundai Transis and represents the new vision of the automotive brand that veers towards sustainability.

On the occasion of the prestigious Lineapelle 2022 event, Hyundai unveiled an innovative fully sustainable seating concept.

The focus of this project revolves around the concept of “regenerative mobility”.

hyundai pelle eco

An international collaboration

To create this innovative sustainable seat, the well-known car manufacturer wanted to represent the synergy and collaboration between Korea and Italy.

This seating project embodies the shared value of sustainability through the innovative use of regenerated materials, managing the enhancement of upcycling.

The project is called “from Seoul to Milan” and connects the two cities through the iconic use of colors and patterns.

In the first place, the colors become significant: the designers’ research focused on the creation of the “Seoul Gray” which refers to the skyscrapers and peaks of the Korean city, but also of the “Milan brown”, with reference to the historic tanneries and the most classics of the Lombard capital.

hyundai pelle eco

Not just colors: the hypnotic lights of the city of Seoul have been translated into fun pixel games, while the iconic Cathedral is found in a series of essential lines.

The tanned leathers make the seat sturdy where more support is needed, the softer and more comfortable parts are woven to give maximum comfort.

An ergonomic backrest, an innovative texture and a significant reduction in leather waste resulting from the cut, these are the main “green advantages” of the new Hyundai seat.

The revolution derives precisely from the reuse of leather waste: they have been completely regenerated and transformed into innovative yarns, combined with PET waste deriving from the recycling of plastic bottles.

These two very special materials have merged under the banner of innovation and sustainability and have created an exclusive fabric that covers the area of ​​the passenger compartment floor.

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