Hermès Kelly and “revenge shopping”


Hermès Kelly, its silhouette lives within each of us.

As soon as we glimpse those golden clasps we immediately realize that we have just crossed it.

You hardly don’t want it: the Hermès Kelly bag is now a real object of desire

Able, with her elegance and simplicity, to overcome decades and fashions, having a Kelly means having fully entered the world of fashion victims.

But why her?
Over the decades, the high fashion brand has been able to renew the model without ever betraying the essence and essentiality of the lines.

Materials, colors and divas of all times have loved this bag, making it unique and a symbol of great elegance.

excellence magazine kelly revenge shopping

Kelly and the phenomenon of revenge shopping

The last few months, with the incredible and very severe health emergency caused by Covid-19, has forced us to lock ourselves up at home and give up everything, living in terror and in a constant state of alert.

Today, when the worst seems to have passed, the desire to live and be reborn reappears, overwhelming.

Here then is the emergence of a new phenomenon, well accepted called “revenge shopping” or revenge shopping.

Buying luxury goods to “checkmate” life and enjoy it as much as possible, also thanks to major purchases of luxury items.

excellence magazine kelly revenge shopping

According to an S Moda article, it was sociologist Thorstein Veblen who brought this social dynamic to light: people are willing to pay more for an expensive product, while demand falls if it’s cheaper.

A practical example?

The record takings of over two and a half million dollars recorded by a Hermès boutique in Guangzhou, China in the early hours of the reopening.

The most purchased item?

She: the unique, legendary and inimitable Kelly bag in all its color and size variations, of course.

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