Fendi and the bio-fabrics laboratory for luxury


LVMH is once again at the forefront to affirm its constant commitment to the development of sustainable luxury.

In collaboration with its maison Fendi, LVMH has developed a laboratory to create fabrics used for luxury fashion as alternatives to those of animal origin, including fur, for the first time derived from keratin.

This is a project with a high academic research profile that will develop over two years in collaboration with Imperial College London and Central Saint Martins, which will develop new laboratory-grown fibers.

Microorganisms and technology: these are the two ingredients at the basis of the search for sustainable and regenerative luxury to develop new functional bio-materials for the luxury fashion sector.


Fendi and bio-materials

The two-year research project will develop new fabrics for high-end fashion but will also focus on regenerative research.

A new perspective, a careful look at luxury and design but above all with an eye to environmental sustainability.

LVMH has always been committed to its brands to achieve important goals in the field of sustainable luxury.

The research laboratory for bio-materials will be able to bring important results to finally arrive at a new era of luxury fashion: say goodbye to fabrics such as fur and leather.

In fact, doing without fabrics of animal origin will not only be able to protect biodiversity but will also be able to activate new virtuous productive circles, with a significant decrease in emissions.

To date, in fact, the production of furs and leathers requires very demanding processing times and procedures, which require the use of plants and substances with a great impact on the environment in terms of polluting gas emissions and processing waste.

Luxury catwalks with sustainable creations: the way is open.

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