EALA: Sustainable Architecture lives on Garda Lake


It all started with the need to expand, thanks to the renovation, the former Hotel Panorama, a jewel of Lake Garda.

A project in perfect harmony with the surrounding environment, where there is a synergistic communication between luxury and nature.

The great respect for the wonders of nature is translated into the use of materials that reflect the surrounding landscape in an architectural key, between the lake and the Gardesana panoramic road.

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The luxury of nature

The project, which began in 2019 and ended in spring 2021, was made possible thanks to the synergistic work between the Risatti family and the GESIA studio which, thanks to a dynamic and creative vision, combined engineering and architectural skills to create a sustainable building. , respectful of the environment, but suited to luxury.

EALA is a building that strikes from the outside with its surprising double façade: the street side, which is characterized by vertical staves of fir that recall the ancient and typical lemon houses of Garda.

The other facade, which offers a splendid view of the lake, is characterized by cement panels that recall the Gardesana cliff, with shapes that recall the orography of the territory.

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Sustainable luxury architecture

Advanced geothermal systems, very high standards of environmental certification and energy saving are the real pillars of this structure.

Comfort is maximum: underfloor heating and cooling, comfort and thermal insulation thus guarantee significant energy savings. For the hydrometric well-being of the hotel, a water supply system from the lake has in fact been created which, by exploiting the different water temperatures, feeds a centralized thermal inversion air conditioning system.

The water is exchanged between the hotel and the lake through a state-of-the-art process that does not damage the lake ecosystem and, indeed, preserves the climate. This system preserves the hydrometric well-being of a structure that combines the beauty of Lake Garda with the most advanced sustainable architecture.

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