Benetti Home: the emotion of Italian Design


30 years ago in Granozzo, a small town in the Novara province, geographically Piedmontese, but Lombard in the entrepreneurial soul, the Benetti showroom opened, a small family company specializing in ceramics, which soon became characterized by an innovative aspect in the commercial panorama of the 90s: a marked customization of the product and customer service.

This drive for innovation and customization still accompanies Benetti Home today, a now solid Italian company that has continued to do research over the years by moving its application area from ceramics to interior design.

For some years Benetti has specialized in the production of stabilized lichen panels, walls and paintings.

Benetti Home_Millennium

Benetti Moss, their flagship product, is in fact a veritable vertical garden, eco-sustainable, zero maintenance, easy to install. Soft and malleable, Benetti Moss is used to create writings, company logos, decorations and furnishing accessories.

Thanks to the stabilization process to which Caledonia stellaris, the lichen with which Benetti Moss is made, is subjected, it loses its electrostatic charge and therefore does not attract dust or dirt, making maintenance extremely easy.

Life Collection by Tiago Curioni for BenettHOME

Due to its ability to highlight the greater or lesser humidity present in the rooms where it is applied, Benetti Moss can be defined as a true natural hygrometer, furthermore its extraordinary sound-absorbing and heat-insulating properties make it particularly suitable for offices, shops and reception areas, but also clinics, hospitals and, in hospitality, for hotels and restaurants.

Benetti Home Logo
Benetti Home_Logo

Although available in a very wide range of colors, obtained with food coloring, by far the most requested color for Benetti Moss is green in all its shades.

The scenographic presence of green in the interiors is not only motivated by an aesthetic factor, but also by the beneficial effects that the sight and contact with the green element in the environments in which we stay brings.

As known in chromotherapy, green represents harmony; it is the color of nature and well-being, calm, refreshment, balance, capable of instilling serenity. A real natural stress reliever.

Benetti Sound

Where the search for well-being is extreme, the green corner is highly sought after. This happens for example in the United States, by far the first market for Benetti Home, which sells all over the world and generates 80% of its turnover abroad.

Pleasant to the touch due to the spherical weft, soft and fluffy, similar to wool and very pleasing to the eye, Benetti Moss also becomes a source of sound well-being thanks to the application of a brand new technology that allows the propagation of sound waves, through an amplifier connected to the support support. By connecting any device to the support it is therefore possible to produce music, thus creating a real all-round sensory experience.

Benetti Sound

Benetti Sound, this is the name of the product, is therefore a vertical garden that produces music, not only beautiful to look at but also exciting! An emotion of Italian design, or “Italian design emotion” as the brand’s pay off states, which has quickly become the company’s “mission”.

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