Bardessono Hotel: Made in Italy enchants Napa Valley


Bardessono Hotel: luxury, philosophy of sustainability and contemporary art: here is the refuge for the millionaires of Silicon Valley founded by two Piedmontese

A place surrounded by nature, far from the chaos of the metropolis and full of comfort.

Surrounded by rooms with minimal architecture, contemporary works of art made with recycled materials and prestigious rooms, Bardessono Hotel is a true paradise.

It is located in Napa Valley and has fully become one of the most loved places by the Silicon Valley computer gurus.

In fact, many of them have chosen these comfortable and luxurious rooms to take refuge and give their best in periods of remote working.

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Bardessono Hotel: Made in Italy enchants Napa Valley

Just enter the main door and find yourself in a hall that opens up to Italy.

The numerous family photos in fact tell the tradition of the Bardessono family, of Piedmontese origins.

Very reserved, the owners chose to give this little personal touch to the property, but left the business in 2015, giving it to Remington Hotels.

The look at tradition exists but is accompanied by a project that has made minimal and modernity its strengths.

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A true sustainable luxury property

Bardessono Hotel & Spa is now one of 14 Leed Platinum certified hotels in the United States and one of 85 in the world.

Today Bardessono is not just a simple hotel but a real lifestyle.

Recycled wood and steel, just to give an example, have been carefully worked by a group of local artisans selected by designer Phil Sherburne and transformed into the bedside tables and furnishings of the hotel.

Even the products used in the SPA are all organic and each suite, as a brand of unmistakable style, is equipped with a small and well-kept Zen garden in true Japanese style.

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