4sustainability, the Brand that Certifies the Sustainability of Luxury


Economic crises, lockdowns or pandemics were not enough: the passion for luxury fashion knows no bounds and knows no setbacks.

The data speak for themselves: a recent research by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation found that the production of clothing continues to increase, despite the crisis and the significant decline in the number of times we wear the same clothes: -36%.

Sustainable fashion: what is it really?

The theme has become a real trend: from organic fabrics to new fibers born from waste or recycled materials to vintage and the second hand phenomenon, all the most prestigious brands have now adopted an eco-friendly philosophy, without sacrificing luxury.

This is why prominent names in the world of luxury fashion have long been the spokespersons of this new trend.

Just think of Stella McCartney with her collections created with vegan leather or Gucci Vault, the portal that explains to the public all the initiatives implemented by the maison in favor of the environment and responsible production.

Second-hand items? Here Valentino Vintage embraces the second hand and re-evaluates them, giving new life to the creations of the previous collections.


4sustainability: the brand that certifies brands

From words to deeds: this is the mission of 4sustainability, the system and brand that certifies the sustainability performance of the fashion & luxury chain founded by Francesca Rulli.

The urgency to create new business and production models clearly emerges from the brand’s research: the fashion sector is one of the most polluting in the world and a profound reflection is really needed to change the fashion system from its roots.

The pandemic and the very recent war have suddenly confronted the fact that without an energetic shift towards renewable energy and sustainable production, the luxury and fashion supply chain could suffer an unexpected stop.

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